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Spiritual & Paranormal Research

Dr. Woodard is seeking individuals who have had unusual spiritual experiences. For example, out of body experiences, seeing something before it happened, ghosts, etc. The research involves briefly describing your experience and then there will be an in-person interview and possibly follow up interviews or investigations on site if the situation is tied to a location. Participants' identities are kept confidential. We investigate haunted houses, poltergeist, demons and ghost sites with a paranormal research team. Anyone interested should email Dr. Woodard at with their reasons for wanting to be part of this research or call 603-673- 2582.
Also Dr. Woodard has published research on hypnosis, psychotherapy, and spiritual experiences in peer reviewed psychological journals. Dr. Woodard received the New England Paranormal Researcher of the Year – 2012. Dr. Woodard recently published a  book  "Perceptual Hypnosis"  with a paranormal and spiritual aspect to expanding consciousuness. Any questions or comments should be sent to Dr. Woodard’s office is located at 15 B Lincoln Street, located just off the Oval in Milford, NH.
These research services are free in exchange for being interviewed on your spiritual and/or paranormal experience or to further the understanding of such experiences through contributing psychological research to the scientific community. If you have a spiritual experience that stands out in your mind and you are willing to share please contact me for more details.

All research is conducted in New Hampshire at Dr. Woodard's office or on site at the occurrence location.

Woodard Hypnosis and Research also provides supportive assistance for those in need going through paranormal activities or unusual spiritual experiences. 

These services are a research approach that includes Dr. Woodard's expertise in clinical, consultation, educational aspects of spiritual experiences along with much experiential knowledge that enhance networking to help those in spiritual need.


Spiritual experiences may include people experiencing paranormal, psychic, mystical, parapsychological, transpersonal, or other esoteric or religious experiences or any phenomenon that transcends current scientific and measurable explanations including but not limited to: telekinesis or moving objects, influenced through one's mind without any known physical energy; contact with spirits, poltergeist-experience such as rappings, unexplained movement or breakage of objects electrical disturbances, lights, sounds, and lighting of fires; or ghosts/ hauntings; out of body experiences or the experience of one's consciousness being in a different space than one's physical body; near death experiences; clairvoyance or acquisition of information about an object or physical event derived from a distant external space; clairaudience; clairsentience; elusivity/invisibility; levitation; telepathy or knowing someone's thoughts feelings or life events; psychometry or obtaining information from objects, psychic healing that is unexplained by the laws of physics; channeling/trance or the experience of receiving messages from beings of other realities or places; automatic writing; precognition or seeing the future while awake or in dreams which could not be explained through any information obtained in the present; retrocognition or seeing a past event in the present that can not be explained through our physical senses; angelic visitations; spirit guide encounters; lucid dreaming or the awareness that you are dreaming while you are dreaming; deja vu, recalling past lives; alien abduction; glossolalia or speaking in tongues; Xenoglossy or speaking in a foreign language you don't know; stigmata; apparitions; unitive experiences; and more.


 Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.


"If that which you seek is not within yourself, you will never find it without."



Everyday Spiritual Experiences

If you had an unusual spiritual-paranormal experience call Dr. Woodard at 603-673-2582 or email at :


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New England Paranormal Awards - New England Paranormal Researcher of the Year 2012 - Meeting House at Tyngsboro, MA  on April 14, 2012.